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[Amps] THP HL-2.5Kfx

Subject: [Amps] THP HL-2.5Kfx
From: William Liporace <>
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2018 20:29:02 -0500
List-post: <>
Hi Folks,
I'm having an issue with the THP HL-2.5Kf and I have a couple of questions. I do have the 1.5C firmware. I have it hooked up to a K3. The amp is set to Yaesu band data. I know the amp used to work with a K3. The amp never seems to leave "PSE STBY OPERSW!" on the display after the amp is powered up.

What causes the "PSE STBY OPERSW!" ?? Manual says power cycle the amp to reset it. I don't see any other answers... I have even pulled the plug and allowed it to sit...

It does not seem to matter if the radio is hooked up amp. Does not matter if the the amp is in auto or manual mode. It also does not matter if it is in operate or standby.  I wanted to check both fuses... One fuse I can't seem to open  and one of the fuses is fine, but the amp powers up. My guess is that it is OK (bad thought?).

Any thoughts? Really could use some help with this!!


William Liporace WC2L or
AR-Cluster Node  telnet or 144.93 MHz

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