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[Amps] NOS Alpha 9500

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Subject: [Amps] NOS Alpha 9500
From: Marc Chicoine <>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2019 00:12:37 +0000
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I will be getting a New Old Stock Alpha 9500 next week.  It was purchased in 
early 2012 and never ever had power applied to it.
It is indeed NOS bought from a private party.

My thoughts are that I should do the following before powering up:

  1.  Re-seat all internal connectors whilst applying a light coating of 

  1.  Let  the amp idle for several hours with the plate voltage lead 
disconnected from the 8877  (don't know if this possible or if the amp could 
somehow sense this and go into a fault state).  I would of course not attempt 
to drive the amp with RF.  I would do this to condition the tube since it has 
been "asleep" for 7 years.

Any thoughts?

Perhaps there might be something else I could do before I wake up this sleeping 

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