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Re: [Amps] NOS Alpha 9500

To: Marc Chicoine <>
Subject: Re: [Amps] NOS Alpha 9500
From: MU 4CX250B <>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2019 22:41:05 +0100
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I believe you are overthinking the precautions, Marc. Reseating the
connectors probably isn't necessary, and you run the risk of damaging
a connector or other component by messing with the innards. It's not a
bad idea to leave the amp on in standby overnight (HV on, but not
keyed up), and then apply RF drive gradually, while you slowly ramp
the amp up to full output. As a precaution, I would also lubricate the
blower bearings (remove the small metal plate and the blower motor and
blades slide out from the bottom.   Run the bandswitch through its
settings a few times before applying RF, but DeOxit isn't necessary
unless the contacts look badly tarnished.

Keep in mind that your 2012 amp won't have the optocoupler bandswitch
or motor bearing blower mods installed, so eventually you may want to
have those installed. In the meantime just enjoy your "new" amp.  It's
very rugged and built to high standards, so no need to baby it.
Jim w8zr

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> On Mar 3, 2019, at 7:12 PM, Marc Chicoine <> wrote:
> I will be getting a New Old Stock Alpha 9500 next week.  It was purchased in 
> early 2012 and never ever had power applied to it.
> It is indeed NOS bought from a private party.
> My thoughts are that I should do the following before powering up:
>  1.  Re-seat all internal connectors whilst applying a light coating of 
> De-Oxit.
>  1.  Let  the amp idle for several hours with the plate voltage lead 
> disconnected from the 8877  (don't know if this possible or if the amp could 
> somehow sense this and go into a fault state).  I would of course not attempt 
> to drive the amp with RF.  I would do this to condition the tube since it has 
> been "asleep" for 7 years.
> Any thoughts?
> Perhaps there might be something else I could do before I wake up this 
> sleeping beauty.
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