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[Amps] Most Dangerous Amp For Sale

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Subject: [Amps] Most Dangerous Amp For Sale
From: Mike Furrey <>
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Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 23:07:03 +0000 (UTC)
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My first post here ... Soooo my YL went to an estate sale this past Saturday 
and came home to show me some photos of radio parts,
she is also a ham. I said lets go. Prowling around I found (after I found some 
nice parts and a Hygain beam) behind a rack of clothes, a "electronic 
machine" as the estate organizer referred to it. The "electronic machine" is 
homebrew 4-1000 amp built in a rack cabinet. I acquired it (don't need it) so 
it would not end up in the trash. This thing may have been based on an article 
in QST, July 1963 (article was in the amp). 

The power supple appears to be a pole-peg transformer (about 100 lbs), a string 
of 38 diodes (no equalization) two GE oil filed capacitors, each 7 mFd at 5000 
VDC, and a choke that weighs about 30 lbs. It might have been a full wave 
rectifier. Nothing was connected so I am not sure if this thing was ever 
finished and used or someone started disassembling it. All the p/s parts were 
sitting in the bottom of a 6 foot rack cabinet.

The RF deck ... anyway ... when I built my first amp (pair of 813s) in my high 
school shop class (1967) ... well, I knew better then about doing it right ... 
The tube is held to the top of the chassis by some homemade circular clamp. 
There is NO tube socket! the connections to the pins were by some clamp on each 
pin. It does have a pressured chassis and the correct chimney (it just sits 
there, no finger stock holding it). There was absolutely NO shielding, all the 
high voltage circuits were totally exposed. Pity if there was a cat in the 
house, I didn't see any fried remains. The tube has a very very light brown 
tint on the bottom, inside. The plates are not discolored.

Among the parts in the house I did find a socket, no part number on it, it is 
not ceramic, but silver plated.

I will have this stuff at the Sevierville, TN hamfest (I am in Oak Ridge) this 
weekend, not sure what to ask for it, I do have an idea on used prices for the 
parts and I sure would like to make a package deal on it, rack cabinet with 
crappy paint job included. I have plenty of amps. 

Plenty of pictures are available if anyone is interested, it bears no 
resemblance to the article in looks.

Thanks es 73, Mike WA5POK

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