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[Amps] Henry filament problem solved!

Subject: [Amps] Henry filament problem solved!
From: Ted Rachwal <>
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2019 19:53:13 -0400
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Thanks to all who offered advice on fixing the loss of filament to one of the 3-500Z tubes in the Henry 2K amp.

I put the tubes back in and started to check filament voltage 1st and when I stuck the probe into pin #1 on V1, the tube came on. Pulled the tubes again and cleaned all the pin holes and clamps then I gently squeezed the clamps a little to tighten them some. Put the tubes back in and we are working back at full output.

Thanks for all the advice, I have learned quite a bit in last couple days by going thru the schematics looking for different circuits in the amp, you were all a great help!



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