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[Amps] 3CX3000A7 on 144 MHz

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Subject: [Amps] 3CX3000A7 on 144 MHz
From: Conrad PA5Y <>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2020 19:35:24 +0000
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I have just acquired 2 x  3CX3000A7 and I would like to put one on 2m.

I have a few designs for but before I start I have 2 questions.

The Heater current is 7.5V @ 51A - does anyone use a switch mode PSU?  Not sure 
if Meanwell have anything suitable but that is where I would probably start. 
Otherwise I have no idea where to get a custom transformer wound in the 
Netherlands, which is where I live these days.

I do not want to run in AB2 all the time am I correct to assume that I can just 
switch in a Zener with a pass transistor to bias to class C? I have never used 
a zero bias tube before.

I could use a GM3SEK triode board of course!

I already have a 4.5kV supply that will drop down to 4.2kV on load, if anyone 
is using a 3CX3000A7 on VHF I would also like to know how much gain to expect. 
I do not expect the 144MHz performance to differ from that of 110 MHz based on 
observations with a YC-156.


Conrad PA5Y

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