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[Amps] How to Bypass TR circuitry in Alpha 86

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Subject: [Amps] How to Bypass TR circuitry in Alpha 86
From: "Jim Thomson" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2020 06:14:14 -0800
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<The biggest stations run (at least) two radios on each band, one "running" 
(calling CQ) and the other in S&P mode (tuning up and down the band for 
< provides an overview of all of the 
mechanisms that can couple RF between stations.
<73, Jim K9YC ##  I read  the  pdf.   Mark  is  referring  to  FULL  
DUPLEX...with  TX  and  RX,  simultaneously..on  the  SAME  freq.Per  your PDF, 
 that  would  require  2 x yagis,  several  hundred  feet  apart,  with  booms  
parallel to  each  other.  That  only  would  work In  2 x directions.  Ditto  
with  perhaps 2 x dipoles  end  to  end...and  several  Hundred  feet  apart.BP 
 filters,  stubs  etc,  dont  enter  into  the  equation.   What  about  all  
the other  directions ?? ##  what  if  a single  vertical  is  used  on...  say 
 160/80/40m ...and  a  2nd  vertical / dipole  for  RX??   I  find  the  
concept  of  full duplex on  <5  acres, really  hard  to  believe. The signal  
intensity on  ground  wave  for  verts  is intense.  ##  when  I  was a 
commercial  radio  op  back  In  1974,  the  TX  +  RX  ants  were  10  miles  
apart,  hence  full  duplex  on 400-500  khz cw.    ##  Buddy  of  mine was  
75m  mobile...coming  over  to my   home.  I  just  about  did  In  the 
  front  end  of  his  poor  Icom.I  shut  it  all  down,  asap, when  he  was  
1400 feet  down  the  street. ##  older  ham,  across the  street  from  my  
folks  home,  back  In  the  70s,  would  know  asap  when  I was  on  the  
air.  Hiswatt meters,  rf  ammeters,  you  name it,  would  dance  up  +  
down...with  all his  gear  shut  off. Jim  VE7RF    
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