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Re: [Amps] Swan Mark 1 on 160 meters

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Swan Mark 1 on 160 meters
From: John Keating <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2021 23:29:10 +0000
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I have a stack of two T-225A-2 as the low band tank coil in my QRO HF2000 (2 x 
3-500z). It does get quite warm on extended key down but so far no failure.


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Subject: [Amps] Swan Mark 1 on 160 meters

Considering adding 160 meters to my Swan Mark 1 amplifier.  The power supply 
and RF deck were overhauled in 2003.   At that time a new transformer was also 
added to replace the shorted out original one.  Since the RF deck was barren 
when I got it I added a Radio Switch 86 bandswitch and new tank coils.  It 
works well 80-10 meters using the original 3-400Z tubes.
Thought I would use the instructions for adding 160 to the Heathkit 220.  The 
bandswitch has an extra contacts I could use so no relays would be required.
My question is would Toroid core type tank coil work in this application or 
would it overheat?  I've seen recommendations for using a Amidon T-225A-2 
powdered-iron toroidal core.
Thanks,Bill KO4NR
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