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Re: [Amps] Testing Tubes with a Henry 2K

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Testing Tubes with a Henry 2K
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As amp/vintage TX repair is a part time business here since the 60's Ive tested a single tube in a two and three tube amp from a 807's to 8877's. Metal or glass, triode, tetrode, and pentode, they all work well as long as the common sense already mentioned is observed..

With GG triodes its grid current and with grid driven tetrode and pentodes the screen current is the most important indicator.

With air system sockets the old adage "go stuff a sock in it" works well!

Ham since 1955

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In that case, I think you will be fine. The tuning will be a bit off of course, due to the missing tube. I have done the same thing here with my Commander 2500 when evaluating a number of 3CX800's one at a time. I did seal off the missing tube's socket, to be sure the remaining tube had plenty of air.


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Appreciate the responses. My Henry 2K also has the filaments in parallel. Your right, it was originally designed for 3-400's. I failed to mention in my original post, it was upgraded to 3-500's with appropriate chimneys and caps. It works great.

So if you have a Henry 2k with filaments in parallel and currently runs two 3-500Z's with appropriate chimneys, could one test a single tube? Wadda ya think?

Thanks Brett N5SQK

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