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Re: [Amps] RF-Kit RF2K-S Amp - Ham Radio Amplifier

Subject: Re: [Amps] RF-Kit RF2K-S Amp - Ham Radio Amplifier
From: Don AD7LL <>
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2022 17:25:04 -0400
List-post: <>
   I felt the same way after a number of discussions with a couple of EE's

I know.  So I went with a diplexer, boards and initial design values
were from VK4AKV.

Kevin Quirke is a great guy and very easy to talk with, and he had
boards for both the style he uses which

is with doorknob caps, or smaller boards for smd caps which is what I used.

     However I went with heavier higher temp rated wire for the
toriods and coils, and had felt that being

smd caps instead of his high voltage door knob style, need to make
some changes on a couple of bands.  I

started with values from Tonne software's free diplexer program , then
fine tuned to get the results I was

looking for.   Have mine dumping th3e harmonics into a 500 watt  DL.
and while not yet, the next step is a

added safety of shutdown if the DL power goes very high.   Problem
with a roll your own diplexer is you could

have the wrong filter selected when you transmit, yet the swr safety
would look ok as it's being dumped into the

DL.  the smaller hipass filter and 500w dl will not begin to handle
the full output like that !   Yes, I need to

buy stock in ampleon!!


de Don F.  AD7LL

I have been looking at the Flexradio Power Genius XL. How they filter
all generated harmonics to an internal 400w rated DL is impressive.

I have a feeling that, that harmonic generation, reflected back at other
basic amp manufacturer LDMOS layouts is not healthy.

Again a lot of $ but looks superior to my SPE in design, also with 2 x
1K50 for better heat dissipation and pwr overhead.


On 5/6/22 13:27, Jim W7RY wrote:
>* This is not a new amplifier. They debuted it at the Hamvention that
*>* was the fist one at the Green County Fairgounds in Xenia... 2017?
*>>* 73, Jim W7RY
*>>>* On 6/4/2022 8:09 PM, Ron W4BIN wrote:
*>>* I bet it's expensive!
*>>>>>>* But, if you're looking for a legal limit amp, this looks impressive.
*>>* Software upgradable too.
*>>>>>>*         $ 5 grand
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