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Subject: [Antennaware] russian vertical
From: Wolfgang K. Meister" < (Wolfgang K. Meister)
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 15:25:04 +0200
Hello Andrea,

If you use one of the free antenna calculation packages,
like MMANA, you will see that a 11m tall vertical as a GP has a
tremdous variation of impedance of 21 to 985 ohms by feeding
it from 10 to 40m. Besides this, you need radial sets for all
bands, otherwise you will reduce the efficiency of this thing again.

Maybe, there is one solution - having one of this SGC auto
tuners at the feedpoint - this could help. But in this case
a shorter vertical, between 7 and 8m will do the same job.


you wrote:
Andrea Vernice> Listening on Hf, most of russian om use a vertical antenna.
Andrea Vernice> The vertical, should be 11Mt tall, and works from 10 to 40mt.
Andrea Vernice> What i want know is the way of fedding and how many radials 
they use.

Andrea Vernice> Thanks,
Andrea Vernice> 73 de ik7ytt Andy

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