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K1EA Digital Voice Processor

Subject: K1EA Digital Voice Processor
From: k4pql@vnet.ibm.com (Howard Hoyt)
Date: Mon Mar 23 09:44:25 1992
         (From IBM Contest Forum)
Below is overview information on the new Digital Voice Processor
which K1EA has developed. I downloaded this from the CT BBS. Also
attached is a note from N2IC which provides some pricing information.

If anyone has any information regarding the performance and more feature
details from beta test or other reliable sources I would like to hear
about it.

Those empty slots in the shack computer are begging to be filled with
this product.

Ron - W0OSK
Here's the scoop on the DVP board from the March/April NCJ:  DVP $299,
CT V8 $50, V7->V8 upgrade $25,  "Dayton Special" DVP+V8 $325, DVP+V7
upgrade $299.  73, Steve

             The K1EA Digital Voice Processor (tm)

                   Preliminary Information

        The DVP(tm) by K1EA is an IBM/PC compatible XT size card which
stores and retrieves audio for amateur radio  applications. The DVP
has two distinct modes and uses.

Transmitting Voice

          The DVP has a general purpose voice record and playback facility
for contest use. CT, a popular contest program,  plays and records
messages through the DVP  using  function keys.  The DVP uses full 12
bit analog to digital and digital to analog converters for a 70 dB
signal-to-noise ratio.  This ends questions of audio quality in a
contester's CQ machine.

        All data is stored on the host PC's hard drive, permitting a very
large number of long messages.  CT will allow the operator to record
a complete set of phonetics, edit those phonetics to remove gaps, and
play back a callsign from the keyboard.  In other words, when G3FXB
calls in, the operator types G3FXB  and presses the Ins (Insert)
key. In response the CT/DVP combination may play "George Three Fox
X-ray Bravo Five Nine Zone Five."   Phone contesting without speaking
is a reality.

        Phonetics and common phrases in many languages will be available
from K1EA Software.  This permits CT to send callsigns and phrases in
the callers language.  For example, when F6BEE tries to steal your
run frequency, you can tell him, very politely, and in flawless
French, that the frequency is in use and that his ancestry is in

Recording Voice or CW

        Second, the DVP is connected to the receiver's audio output and
back copies 30 seconds of received audio.  When something interesting
is heard, the operator may store the last 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 seconds
to disk.  CT associates the audio record with the qso record allowing
the operator to play back the qso now, or at any time.  DX'ers can
collect the actual recorded audio with new countries as they work
them.  Record the 3Y telling you how loud you are on 160, or the 3W
marveling at your 75 meter signal! Continuous recording of all
received audio is possible, but expensive in disk space.

Physical Specifications

        The DVP is a short (7.5") XT card with a 15 pin male D connector.
A cable is available which plugs into the DVP and is routed to the
transceiver front panel. At the transceiver end, there are microphone
and headphone plugs which go into the radio.  There are also
microphone and headphone jacks which accept the existing microphone
and headphone.  When the computer is off, the receiver audio and
microphone connections are relay bypassed,  permitting normal station

 Hardware Requirements

        The DVP requires an IBM/XT compatible computer with 640K of memory
and a hard disk.  A ramdisk or disk cache are recommended, but not
required, as the DVP uses the system hard disk heavily.


        CT Version 8 will fully support the DVP. A TSR to drive the DVP
will be available to other developers of amateur radio software. This
will allow other programs to employ the DVP and its features.  K1EA
software will offer, in late 1992, a stand-alone TSR allowing the
user to hot key DVP commands from within any program.


        The DVP  and CT Version 8 will be first available at the Dayton
Hamvention 1992. Inquiries to:

                      K1EA Software
                      33 Truell Road
                      Hollis, NH 03049


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