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K1EA Digital Voice Processor

Subject: K1EA Digital Voice Processor
From: pascoe%rocky.dnet@gte.com (Dave Pascoe)
Date: Mon Mar 23 11:38:48 1992
> If anyone has any information regarding the performance and more feature
> details from beta test or other reliable sources I would like to hear
> about it.
> Those empty slots in the shack computer are begging to be filled with
> this product.
> Ron - W0OSK

I was at K1EA's house for a few hours on Saturday helping to debug a
few things on the DVP.  Ken, myself, and others have talked about
something like this for a while now and it's gratifying to finally see
it working!  I'm a little biased, but I can honestly say that the DVP,
in short, is AWESOME!

1) The audio quality (12-bit A/D&D/A) blows the competing digital
voice products away.  We did a number of "Is it live or is it
Memorex?" type of tests and I defy anyone to tell the difference
between live audio and stored audio coming from the DVP.

2) The back-record function is neat.....this is the feature that DXers
and others will love the most.  Obviously it's useful for contesting
too.  Personally, I wouldn't use it much in a contest, unless I heard
something comical and I wanted K1AR to hear it.....
(For those who don't know, back-record records the last 30 seconds of
audio from your radio)

3) KM9P/4 performed an interesting analysis (using DBASE) on the
active MASTER.DAT file last week.  He found that with 500 stored
prefixes one can generate the prefixes of 20,000 out of the 22,000
calls in the database.  This includes W's, which are a significant
enough portion of MASTER.DAT that this may seem better than it
actually is.  If one strips W's from MASTER.DAT then the number of
prefixes one would need to store would certainly rise.  So the price
you pay is that you have to store more prefixes.  Not a big deal....

Hope to see some of you at Dayton.....stop by the CT booth...

Dave Pascoe
GTE/SCSD  |  pascoe@rocky.gte.com
KM3T      |  (617) 455-5704

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