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Contests, entry classes and other delights...

Subject: Contests, entry classes and other delights...
From: alan@dsd.es.com (Alan Brubaker)
Date: Wed Apr 1 08:29:55 1992
With all of this discussion, I just want to put my two cents
worth in. A little off the subject, something that I (and perhaps
others) would like to see is a change in the weekends of the
CQWW CW (so that it does not conflict with the Thanksgiving
holiday here in the U.S.), and the CQWW CW WPX (so that it is a
different weekend than Memorial Day here in the U.S.). Those of
us who are, by choice or by chance, as family oriented as we are
contesting oriented, have long suffered this unfortunate 
scheduling dilemma. Related to this; have you ever noticed that
the major phone contests (CQWW DX, CQWW WPX and ARRL DX) are all
situated on the calendar so that they are close to the spring
and fall equinoxes(?)?! As a result, usually, overall band
conditions tend to favor the phone weekends, and us CW types
wind up taking whatever is leftover. It sure would be nice if
the weekends were "flipflopped" each year, but my guess is that
it would confuse all of the neanderthals out there even more so
than they are already .... .. Someone once said that in any
competitive endeavor there can be only one winner. Did you
notice that in some of the Winter Olympics events, the margin
between the medal winners and the also-rans was measured in
mere fractions of a second? There are rare instances when
there is a tie, and equal prizes are awarded in those cases.
The point is, if we have too many entry categories, then many
entrants stand a chance of winning something, perhaps diluting
the significance of the efforts of those who won the "major"
categories. But, perhaps that does not matter, unless you were
the one who expended the energy necessary to win the contest.

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