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From: george554@austin.relay.ucm.org (george554@austin.relay.ucm.org)
Date: Wed Apr 1 08:58:26 1992
i have been asked by wb2ekk to explain what cabbage punching is
and why i or anyone else would be watching such things on tv and just
what sort of programing they have on the tv down here in texas.  

so here goes.  i have been doing most (all) of my contesting from 
N5AU and back in the early to mid 1980's we did a number of 
wpx multi-single and multi-multi's  at the bottom of the cycle
things can get pretty boring at a multi-multi during wpx.  
i remember sitting in the living room with k5zd, km5x and n5au.
now at n5au's we dont have cable or a satalite system so we 
watch broadcast tv (we really do). there was this independant
station ch. 33 or 39 or something and on sunday afternoons they 
would have kung-fu movie triple features -- for what seemed like hours.
i know that you have seen these movies - usually japanese/ninji/poorly dubbed
into english where their is a bunch of fighting. some were quite bloody. 
so we would sit there and watch them.  you see it takes a good bit
less mental power to watch th
is type of tv program then it takes to call
endless cqs on on a dead band. ( we dont have voice keyers ). it is much
like sleeping -- and even if you do doze off you can wake up later and 
be lost as to what is going on in the movie -- even if it is a diffrent
movie than when you fell asleep.

OK you say -- that still does not tell me much about this thing called
cabbage punching. well ok. that term comes from Trey WN4KKN.

you see KKN would come back in from the ham shack, see these guys
sitting there engrossed in this stuff, and shake his head, and make a
comment like "still in here watchin' them cabbage punching movies, eh?"
because the picture that came to mind fo a buch of guys on a sound stage,
(doing the sound effects for these movies) knocking themselves out
punching cabbages was far more entertaining than what was actually
happening on the screen.


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