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FD de K2NA/0

Subject: FD de K2NA/0
From: steven@ulysses.atmos.colostate.edu (Steven London)
Date: Mon Jun 29 12:01:01 1992
Despite cool, wet and stormy WX, we had a great time at about 8500 feet,
10 miles west of Boulder, CO.  We had 2 30 foot towers, each with a
4 band (40-10) beam, as well as an assortment of wires.  We had
a well equipped satellite station, courtesy of WT0M.  The Novices had
a 5 element yagi, as well as 40/80 meter wires.  Condx were reasonably
good.  Not as much 10 meter sporadic-E as you west coast guys, but it
was enough to keep the Novices interested.  This was my first FD
running more than 5 watts in many years.  It's nice to be reasonably loud !

K2NA (+ N0NMD)  2A

Band     CW       SSB
80       79         3
40      324       468
20      603       650
15      277       697
10        0       125
Satell.  60        36
Novice   65       191

Total  1408      2170

About 11K points

Operators: K2NA, KE6LT, N0NMD, WT0M, N2IC, N3SL, WA4CHI, K0AP, W0PSY, K1ER,
           KB4THF, KB4SWP, N0SSX
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