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Viosalia HI Room Available

Subject: Viosalia HI Room Available
From: 71045.2632@CompuServe.COM (Joe Staples)
Date: Wed Apr 14 11:32:55 1993
I have an extra room at the Holiday Inn in Visalia for the DX Convention 4/15
through 4/18, 2 double beds, non-smoking. If you are interested contact me
at (713) 974-7495 prior to 1000Z Thurs. or leave a message with details at
the desk of the Holiday Inn in Visalia for me upon arival on Thurs eve. I 
should be there by 5 P.M. and will put it in your name or
release it. Is there any "gathering " of "REFLECTOR" types planned? Joe, W5ASP

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