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Running JA technique

Subject: Running JA technique
From: TAKETANI@FNAL.FNAL.GOV (Atsushi Taketani D0 at FERMILAB Ext 2405)
Date: Wed Apr 14 11:14:37 1993
 W3XU Operators' Manual

running JA's.  All too often the exchange goes like this:

DX: N2IC potabal Zewo this is Juwiet Alpha Nine Fox Osca XLay

YOU:  JA9FOX 59 Colorado

DX:  (Dead Silence)

YOU: Juliet Alpha Nine Fox Oscar XRay 59 Colorado

DX: Roger, you're 59 500

In my experiences, many JA's just don't know English well enough to
recognize their calls, unless they are repeated back exactly as they
sent them.  Anyone else have this problem ?  It does not seem to happen
as often when running EU.

I do not have such problem with JA's. I am using "JA9FOX 59 Colorad" usually.
Maybe my fhonetic code pronunciation is same as JA's. Use Japanese phonetic or
just call him slowly.

I have a oposition " many JA's just don't know English well enough to
recognize their calls". This is not true. In pile up, if JA gets a call back,
but he is not sure it is his cal sign, JA will not answer and listen for a
moment.  He hestitates answer you and he knows how many JA's on the band.
But for EU's, they never stop to answer you,
even he dose not get a call back. EU's are very anxious to get you.

        Atsushi, N9KAU/JF3NRI

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