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You're 10kc wide

Subject: You're 10kc wide
From: raid5!davep@csn.org (Dave Palmer)
Date: Tue Apr 27 11:40:05 1993
Re: "You're 10kc wide"      

When telemarketers from other long distance companies call me
and want me to switch to their service, I like to say "Hello? 
Hello? Can you speak up? I can barely HEAR you! This connection

Maybe you can use a twist on this tactic:  when someone tells
you you're too wide, just say "Wow I think someone is calling
but there is so much distortion that I can't be sure... QRZ contest.."

(Just KIDDING!  I wouldn't use that tactic on the air to fellow 
hams, but whatever fun I can extract from solicitors who 
call me on the telephone is fair game).   73, Dave, N6KL

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