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V31UA CQ WW-CW score and comments

Subject: V31UA CQ WW-CW score and comments
From: KT6V@aol.com (KT6V@aol.com)
Date: Fri Dec 1 16:14:01 1995
Call: V31UA
Category: Single op High power
Operator: KT6V
Team: SCCC
Band        Qso's     Points     Countries     Zones

160          246          500             18            10
 80           443          940             41            19
 40           959        2296             68            25
 20           777        1731             69            28
 15           935        2080             63            24
 10              7            18               4             5 

Totals     3359        7565            263          111

Final Score= 2,829,310 points

Equip:FT-1000MP, Kenwood Amp (600 w), TH-7, 402-CD, Butternut HF-2 for
160/80m. Beams on 70ft crankup; vertical mounted on dock over salt water.
386-33 computer running TR V5.53.

Comments:The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!
 The Good:  The FT-1000MP is an awesome rig for contesting. That was one of
my primary purposes on going to V3, to check out its features in "combat"
condx. I will prepare a "product review" later.  Running high speed cw during
a contest with TR and occassionally getting "in the zone" is really fun.
Rates were approaching 180 per hour at times.  Prop on 40m into EU was really
good. So many good signals! Best surprise was second nite after local
midnite, 20m opened, quickly S&P A7, 7Z, 9M, etc.  Felt great during contest
as I had focused on proper nutrition, anti-oxidants, plenty of water and
carbohydrates leading up to the contest and stayed hydrated during the test.

The Bad:  I thoroughly checked out the computer interface w/FT1000MP before
leaving the states. Checked to make sure the internal keyer would work ok.
Found after getting there that can't run keyer and TR at same time.  Those of
you who heard series of chopped up dits from me can concur!  If only I had
brought my homebuilt logikeyer. Oh for want of a little 4" by 3" box.  It
really slowed me down as to get a fill on a call sign, had to hit F10 (for
keyboard cw) then "enter" to get back into logging mode. During second nite
decided to catch two hours sleep. Well, that backfired as the alarm was
masked by the sound of the Air conditioner and slept 4 hours, right thru
sunrise, who knows how many mults I missed then!  Propagation although good
suffers from being so far to the west. We were 2 hours behind VP2.  My rate
sheet shows only 3.5 to 4 hours of EU openings. on 15m.  Being 1550 miles
west of KP2 and VP2V really makes a difference.  Similar to the propagation
difference between W1 and W9,0 and 5 land. Maybe next year I will go back to

The UGLY!:  Rotor froze at sundown on Saturday. Luckily it was pointed due
north to the major ham populations.  This really affected the ability to pick
up mults in asia and africa for the rest of the contest.  

Conclusion: Great contest, much fun, Belize is good place to visit, xyl had
plenty to do and we both went diving before and after the contest. I could
REALLY hear the results of packet cluster spotting as for kicks I went to
14090 and within 3 minutes had a roaring pileup, What a Blast! Tnx to
everyone for the Q's and good time. 73 Tom 

>From Roger G3SXW <100260.342@compuserve.com>  Fri Dec  1 21:12:01 1995
From: Roger G3SXW <100260.342@compuserve.com> (Roger G3SXW)
Subject: CQWWCW - TY5A
Message-ID: <951201211200_100260.342_EHV29-1@CompuServe.COM>

>From G3SXW, 1st December.
The TY5A team of GM3YTS, K5VT, KC7V, N7BG and G3SXW
who won multi-multi from 9G5AA last year have returned
safely from an epic journey through Ghana, Togo and Benin.
Here is our rough Multi-Multi claimed score:
(band, net QSOs, points, points per QSO, zones, countries)

160, 95, 270, 2.84, 14, 47
80, 871, 2572, 2.95, 24, 83
40, 2243, 6682, 2.98, 33, 109
20, 3654, 10895, 2.98, 38, 132
15, 3010, 8975, 2.98, 35, 126
10, 335, 954, 2.85, 19, 66
TOTAL, 10208, 30348, 2.97, 163, 563     SCORE:  22,032,648 points

Compared to last year this is one million less points, entirely a result
of 1,000 less QSOs on 28 MHz. Top-band mults were higher. Numbers
on the other four bands were very similar.

Continents: NA 31.3%, SA 2.0%, EU 53.6%, AS 11.5%, AF 1.4%, OC 0.3%

Stations: five TS930S's and Alpha amplifiers

160m - Force 12 vertical, dipole at 45 feet, two beverages
80m - Force 12 vertical
40m - Cushcraft 40-2CD, 2 elements at 35 feet
20m - TH7, 7 elements at 50 feet
15m - Force 12, 3 elements mono-bander at 20 feet
10m - Cushcraft A3S, 3 elements at 35 feet
Mult - Moseley TA33M, 3 elements at 40 feet
All antennas except the TH7 were erected field-day style during
three days before the contest.

High Points:
the warm friendship of radio amateurs in Accra - 
the wonderful hospitality of Peter, TY1PS -
the real camaraderie of a group of close friends - 
the exotic even bizarre road trip between Accra and Cotonou -
the huge amount of beach space for antennas -
the massive massive non-stop pile-ups - and much more.

Low Points:

Thanks to all for the contacts. We had a ball and look forward to
another project next year. For more details check the TY5A home
page on http://www.getnet.com/~kf7ay/cqwwty.html and watch
for an article in NCJ.
Finally, a big thankyou to the adjudicators whose families, no
doubt, expect to see little of them over the coming months!
73 de Roger/G3SXW.

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