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10 mtr Contest Score

Subject: 10 mtr Contest Score
From: don.russell@ecrknox.com (don.russell@ecrknox.com)
Date: Thu Dec 14 15:53:16 1995

FT-757gxII AT 100 WATTS, A3A AT 50 FT.

BAND         QSO'S              POINTS               MULTS

CW             49                    196                      14
SSB            60                    120                      13

TOTAL       109                   316                      27    


Not much to say.  Had a short opening to the west at about mid-morning,
then a short opening to Florida a little after.  Then.........nothing! 
That was Saturday. Sunday was real bad......Cu Next Year.

Don, WA8YRS               don russell@ecr.knox.com

>From Cedric.Baechler@com.mcnet.ch (Cedric Baechler HB9HFN)  Thu Dec 14 
>21:41:29 1995
From: Cedric.Baechler@com.mcnet.ch (Cedric Baechler HB9HFN) (Cedric Baechler 
Subject: Contest logging programs
Message-ID: <199512142219.XAA21618@mail.mcnet.ch>


I'm looking for a contest logging programs. I've heart that some of the best are
CT and N6TR. Wich one would you choose and wy ? What are the advantages of
one vs. the other.

Thanks for any info.

73, Cedric HB9HFN

>From suran@ix.netcom.com (Randall P. Wagaman 111 )  Thu Dec 14 22:04:10 1995
From: suran@ix.netcom.com (Randall P. Wagaman 111 ) (Randall P. Wagaman 111 )
Subject: Fwd: 10 Meter Scores
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Subject: 10 Meter Scores

I will be doing the scores for the 10 meter contest so just keep them 
and I will compiled them.

73's Jim


AA6WJ SO/HI pwr/Unassisted 356 Q's, c =11, S=51, Score 69,564

>From Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH@TGV.COM>  Thu Dec 14 22:07:07 1995
From: Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH@TGV.COM> (Trey Garlough)
Subject: 10M from N4BP
Message-ID: <818978827.802529.GARLOUGH@TGV.COM>

> Are my posts making it?  Have not seen the past three that I sent to the 
> contest reflector...

Starting Sunday night, the skies opened up in Santa Cruz and it rained
hard for a couple of days.  I understand that commercial power was
interrupted TGV for something like 24 hours.  This is why things were
quiet for a while.  I am told that it has now stopped raining and that
the power is back on.

The weather here in Florida has been great all week!  :-)

--Trey, WN4KKN/4

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