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Help, Whining in my modem

Subject: Help, Whining in my modem
From: W8JITom@aol.com (W8JITom@aol.com)
Date: Sat Mar 16 19:00:52 1996
>ON4UN in his rude answer to SM2EKM surprise about pair of 4CX1000 inquiry
>capital letters all the way which in known as shouting on the Internet! 
>What a display of EU culture from WRTC-96 judge!

Oh, come on now. You know John likes to be loud! He's just using the caps
lock for a speech processor. ;-)

I can't believe all the fuss about someone using tiny little tubes like the
4CX1000 anyway.

It would be different if it was a medium power (like the 3CX3000F7) or high
power (like the 4CX10000D) tube!

I think I'll put an alternator filter on my modem, I'm getting a lot of
whining noises lately.
Anyone else noticing that?



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