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ARRL DX CW Mystery

Subject: ARRL DX CW Mystery
From: k7ss@aloha.net (k7ss@aloha.net)
Date: Sat Mar 16 16:26:46 1996
>To: mpickard@netcom.com (Mike Pickard)
>From: k7ss@aloha.net
>Subject: Re: ARRL DX CW Mystery
>Mike...how about this:
>you and a W4 in Tennessee were sharing a frequency without hearing each
other very well, since he was working EU and you were on the side of his
beam......He was working an Italian station and the timing of the QSO was
such that you thought he was answering you, but he was really thanking the
Italian after giving him a report......
>5NNTN/ciao/tu...and then repeated the whole thing again, and you only heard
part of it...
>c'est possible...n'est pas??
>Glad WRTC bashing is over...its all I could do to hold my keyboard!
>see ya soon
>./At 07:59 AM 3/16/96 -0800, you wrote:
>>If you participated in the ARRL DX CW contest on 2/17 and 2/18, and if
>>you like to solve puzzles, read on please!
>>I was running stations and there was a very weak station who I tried to work 
>>and after many tries finally gave up..... to my great frustration!
>>I have asked our local experienced contesters/dxers but no one has been
>>able to help. Perhaps one of you could help.
>>Here are excerpts of what I copied:
>>5NNTN/CIAO/TU ..... /TN ...  CIAOTU
>>(note that the O is not zero just alphabet letter "O", the only number
>>I copied was the 5 in 5NN!)
>>The time of this qSO was on 2/18 around 1100 hours, UTC.
>>Any help would be appreciated very much.
>>My contest entry has already been sent in, this QSO was not logged
>>but I am very curious what was wrong with my copying.
>>Mike K7NPN

>From Ward Silver <hwardsil@wolfenet.com>  Sun Mar 17 02:29:21 1996
From: Ward Silver <hwardsil@wolfenet.com> (Ward Silver)
Subject: Wrtc/Top ten contestors etc
Message-ID: <Pine.OSF.3.91.960316182650.7961B-100000@gonzo.wolfenet.com>

> I forgot to add N5RZ to my list if I were wagering on a contest. Sorry Ralph!
> 73, Chas N8RR 
Say, maybe we could have Fantasy League Contesting, just like Fantasy 
League Baseball.  Imagine KH6IJ, W4KFC, K0DQ, W9WNV (? Don Miller), K1AR, 
KR0Y, K7SS, and ....... (insert your all-time favorite here) on a 
multi-op team!  It could make up for sunspots!

73, Ward N0AX

Just thinkin'...

>From Ward Silver <hwardsil@wolfenet.com>  Sun Mar 17 02:38:05 1996
From: Ward Silver <hwardsil@wolfenet.com> (Ward Silver)
Subject: Mini-contest Derbies
Message-ID: <Pine.OSF.3.91.960316183542.7961D-100000@gonzo.wolfenet.com>

Jim - yeah, it was us WWDXC rabble-rousers that had the 20-meter derby.  
Everybody was low-power, single-band, no packet.  Big Fun!  Then, this 
year in ARRL CW was had a low-power, all-band, assisted derby.  Even 
though there's no REAL category for it, we all had a blast as there was 
no way to be competitive a'tall, nationally.  It's a good way to include 
the part-timers and rookies, too!

73, Ward N0AX

>From n8atr@en.com (Pete Michaelis - N8ATR)  Sun Mar 17 02:40:15 1996
From: n8atr@en.com (Pete Michaelis - N8ATR) (Pete Michaelis - N8ATR)
Subject: Andrews Hardline connector question
Message-ID: <199603170240.VAA23041@en.com>

Walt,K2WK asks:
>I know Scotch makes a "self-annealing" tape but I can't seem to
>find it anywhere in Northern new Jersey.  Does anyone know the
>Scotch part # for this tape, too?

I use either Scotch #23 Rubber Splicing tape (it is described on the package  
as High-voltage, Self-fusing, Insulating Tape based on Ethylene Propylene
Polmers), or Scotch 130C Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape (again described as
based on Ethylene Propylene Polymers).  I'm told both of these don't stand up
well to UV so they should be covered with two layers of Scotch #88.  I normally
don't cover the Scotch #88 with anything and I have had no problems.  But I
have also used Plasti Dip Spray-On over the #88 for connections that will be
on or
under the ground.

73's Pete-N8ATR

>From Steven Sample <aa9ax@iglou.com>  Sun Mar 17 03:11:57 1996
From: Steven Sample <aa9ax@iglou.com> (Steven Sample)
Subject: Dr. Who? (CLASSIFIED!) !!!!!!!!!
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.960316214213.7206A-100000@iglou2>

On Fri, 15 Mar 1996 Skoch92707@aol.com wrote:

> >According to the QRZ Callsign Database, Dr. Bafoofnik (more appropriately
> >Baffoonik or Bafoolnik) is none other than:
> >          SPENCER (SPIKE) LAZAR, W9XR, Monroeville, PA
> I think that was quite clear from his address, at least I assume that's who
> it is. A person's name and callsign (if any!), are not important to me.
Etc. Etc. Etc. .....................Blah, blah, blah.

Boy, things are getting pretty lame around here.

Yes, Dr. Bafoof's identity has finally been EXPOSED!  Exposed, that is, 
for about the fifteenth time this year.  

I am trying to forget the Good Docktor, but every time I get close to 
that reality-someone comes along and reminds me who (what?) he is!!!

Well, let me just tell you one thing:  this Doctor Bafoofnik could be a 
dangerous person, and I'd suggest that you don't get him "riled up".  The 
FBI has issued bulletins that Bafoof may be in possession of several 
canisters of deadly Fish Head Gas (FHG) left over from skirmishes in the 
Pacific rim area during the last great war.  It is estimated that one 
ounce of pure anchovie paste, bombarded by plutonium for only 8 
milliseconds, when exposed to Fish Head Gas could cause a reaction which 
could yield the entire amateur spectrum useless for cw contesting for 77 
to 79 earth days.  It is not thought that the phone modes would be affected.
Especially susceptible would be code readers and tnc's set to cw modes.
For these reasons and more, it would seem that we should quietly withdraw 
from unnecessarily irritating this madman.  So what if he posts a few 
scalding deliveries to the reflector on occasion?  I, for one, say:  
Leave a sleeping dog lie".  Who wants to get to Dayton, only to find 
himself face-to-face with a Madman in possession of the deadly FHG in its 
purest form?

Hopefully a word to the wise is sufficient, and if you're listening 
(reading), Doctor Bafoofnik, remember that I really like you and want to 
be your friend!!!  Also, I happen to know that the Green Hornet feels the 
same as I do.  Please...show mercy! I'll buy you a Skoch and soda next 
time I see you!

Your humble servant

(No SIG!)

Internet police report:  The "No SIG!" above belongs to Slim Whitman, also 
known as Steve "Junior" Sample/AA9AX, an obscure and weak contester first 
licensed about 35 years ago in a southern Indiana river-rat village.

Disclaimer:  I do not have any affiliation with any Fish Head Gas 
manufacturer or distributor, not have I any interest in Anchovie paste 
products, either as an officer, director, shareholder, or employee of any 
organization which promotes or encourages use of same.

(No SIG!)

(Under the Federal FHG Witness Protection Program) 

>From Ed Tanton N4XY <n4xy@avana.net>  Sun Mar 17 03:59:10 1996
From: Ed Tanton N4XY <n4xy@avana.net> (Ed Tanton N4XY)
Subject: Taping Coax to a tower leg.
References: <199603170126.SAA18525@visionary.vcn.com>
Message-ID: <314B8E0E.223E@avana.net>

Laura...Having never had much luck with UV-resistant ANYTHING I sought 
out and found-at an electrical supply house-a box of small width 
(slightly < 1/4" wide X 7 or 8" long) stainless-steel cable ties which 
have really performed well.
        Ed Tanton  N4XY  (770) 971-0436  Marietta, GA
        email: n4xy@avana.net   URL: Coming Soon

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