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[CQ-Contest] Tom Georgens' feet!

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Tom Georgens' feet!
From: EWALSH/0004504465@MCIMAIL.COM (Eugene Walsh)
Date: Mon Mar 2 22:06:46 1998

W2SC has provided his usual well written description of his
effort at 8P9JG in the ARRL code.  I was particularly struck by
the problem he had with his feet laying on a wooden bar for
the whole time, and the resultant distress it caused.

I am rarely serious here, usually trolling for idiots or some
kind of banter.  I would, however, like to tell a similar tale.

Some years ago (Dunno, mebbe 12 or 15), at K2GL's station, Buz
had a chair which was like a sandbox; a rail around the perimeter
with a pad inside.  This chair was the one noone wanted when the
music stopped.  Since Mr. Able is always late, this chair was the
the one I got this time.  The wooden rail pushes up on your thigh
above the knees and, as it was discovered, cuts off the blood to
the rest of you.

After sitting in this chair for 8 hours or so without moving, at the
end of the contest I could not move!!  The whole gang: K2SS, K2TW, 
KR2Q, K2TT, K2NG, K3EST and whoever else, picked me up out of the
chair and carried me down the stairs to where dinner was happening.
It took about 90 minutes (with my feet up) for things to return
to a normal state, and I drove home.  

We were all really scared (Especially me!) that something really bad
had happened.  I was lucky.  Be careful.  The darndest things can
bite you in the ass!

73 Gene N2AA

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