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[CQ-Contest] contest QSOs

Subject: [CQ-Contest] contest QSOs
From: felipe@isla.net (Felipe J HernŠndez)
Date: Mon Mar 9 13:30:32 1998
Hi all,

I love hi-speed type of Qsos on phone and CW and Operating 
varies as much as there are many different operators.
I dont like when I work somebody and they dont send any confirmation
and I admit Ive done it on those high speed runs, but with time you
learn that maybe the time you save not saying qsl or thank you
is later eaten by the not experienced operator that didnt think
you got it correctly and requests a repeat or simply calls you again
thus dropping your rate.

Im not against those operators, in fact I know that a contest is
won by how many of those non-contesters you can work on a weekend.
Many times Ive seen arrogant operators who dont realize they could
have higher rates just by taking the time to say thanks and
It comes with time that you learn that sometimes you can get
more attention if you can make it fun for both ends.

For the solution of the report and exchanges, it has worked for
me to end the QSo with a simple Thanks, its short and gets the
message thru! then for the sake of dupes  just say your call
every 2 or 3 qsos. (In phone is like 15 seconds).
The same goes for CW a TU is quick and does the job and for all the
speed Demons out there... Remember is not who runs the quickest
is who stay the longest and winning a contest requires a lot
of strategies and a mutual cooperation between both ends.

NP4Z/KP3Z PR Contest Club

Thomas Branch wrote:
> Greetings,
> Been following this thread with interest.
> It appears that this type of exchange works:
> Him:  P40W Contest
> Me: K4NR
> Him: K4NR 59 K
> Me: Thanks, P40W 59 AL
> Him: Thanks, P40W Contest
> I like to have some sort of acknowledgement that he has copied my report.
> This seems to work well on CW, not sure why there's so much trouble on
> phone.
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