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[CQ-Contest] TWO entries in ONE Contest

Subject: [CQ-Contest] TWO entries in ONE Contest
From: bogus@does.not.exist.com (bogus@does.not.exist.com)
Date: Wed Mar 11 11:51:42 1998
Vlad, UT1IA says:

> Could you imagine: somebody seriously works as a single operator on
> 40m
> and 80m, or on 20m and 40m, or on 80m and 160m bands during one
> Contest?
> I think that is impossible. Could you imagine: somebody seriously
> works
> as a single operator on 10m and 160m, or on 10m and all bands during
> one Contest? I guess that might be.
> My friends contesters noticed me something like these: " You
> should not send two entries in one contest", "You must send one log
> for
> your entry and another one as a check-log". Mmm...I guess they are
> right.
> But,if me or someone else have any real ability to make two entries in
> one contest, so what is actually wrong ?
It depends on the contest rules.  In many contests it is suggested that
single-band entries can work stations on other bands (for fun and to
give points and/or multipliers to other contestants) and to enter the
log for the other bands as a check-log.  In CQWW I know that it is
possible to enter in more than one single-band category (I checked with
K3EST to be sure), so in the 1997 CQWW-CW I entered 15M single-band and
40M single-band from VP5EA.  However, the rules for CQWW require that
you cannot use your operation on other bands to enhance your single-band
score; in other words, you cannot move people from one band to another,
or make skeds, etc.  to help your single-band score.

In your case, you entered as a 15M Single-Band, and also as all-band.
Wouldn't this make the 15M contacts count for two different entries?
This seems a little unusual, but again I would think it would depend on
how the rules are written.  If the rules don't mention multiple entries
then I suppose it would be up to the sponsors of the contest to decide.

73, Dave WD5N  /  VP5EA

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