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[CQ-Contest] Multiple stations

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Multiple stations
From: wd4ahz@gte.net (Ron Wetjen)
Date: Thu Mar 12 16:33:59 1998
Thomas M. Schaefer wrote:

>  Several contest state that if you operate from station in a contest,
> that you cannot operate from a different station. Assuming I have that
> right, consider this...  If I casually help someone out on Saturday
> morning in a contest, then go over to someone else's house on Sunday
> morning, can I operate? From the sounds of some rules, it sounds like
> I cannot. Any clarifications?  BTW, this also applies to Field Day. I
> have asked people that I know have mobile HF rigs to not operate the
> any stations on the way to FD if they are going to operate the
> contest.

As fas as Field Day is concerned, I believe it is (was) OK for stations
to operate mobile or even from home, as long as they don't work the
station they will be operating from, or that they have operated from.
But, thinking about it further, what about a Novice/Tech operator who
operates the Novice/Tech station at Field Day ... and later sits down
and operates on VHF or HF using the "regular" Field Day callsign?  Kind
of defeats the purpose to expose newcomers to contesting and emergency
communications (gotta get that in there ... FD is NOT a contest!). Will
have to read over the new rules (Dec. 1997 QST) a bit closer, to see if
they address this.

Look for us as WB4NJV (+K4KBP) 3A June 27-28!

73, Ron  WD4AHZ


Ron Wetjen

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