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[CQ-Contest] RE: Losing Run Frequency

Subject: [CQ-Contest] RE: Losing Run Frequency
From: n2au@lightlink.com (Art & Linda Hubert)
Date: Thu Mar 12 22:34:59 1998
As we head into the new sunspot cycle and conditions continue to improve 
on the high bands, I believe this problem will continue to get worse, 
more-so during this cycle than in past ones. The main reason this will 
happen is due to the increase use of two radios by single ops.  They are 
now able to hold their run frequencies much longer than in the past.  
The past scenario was when your rate dropped on 20, you would go to 
another band relinquishing that frequency for another to use. This will 
not happen as much as it use to.  The second reason for this problem is, 
over the past several years I have noticed a tremendous increase of 
multi/single entries, which means additional stations holding a 
frequency much longer. 
 As the conditions improve, more stations will come back to the contest 
scene for awhile adding somewhat to this problem.  In my estimation, 
this problem will continue to grow in the fore-seeable future.  

To help combat this problem of losing my run frequency, I have 
decided to place an order for two Italian 300 watt transceivers.  This 
should do the trick.


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