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[CQ-Contest] Ethical question

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Ethical question
From: n5nj@worldnet.att.net (Robert Naumann)
Date: Fri Mar 13 11:33:53 1998
Good question, Ken.

I had the same thing occur this past weekend when I was operating at WX0B.
(It's happened before too).

I think we need to implore those, who can hear a station someone is
struggling with, to resist the urge to help.  I cannot in good conscience
remove that qso simply because of the "helper" passing the call along.
After all, I did not solicit the help, and therefore should not
be penalized for someone else's interference.  I will agree with you that
you must confirm the callsign with the station your having difficulty
copying despite your being told what the other station thinks the call is -
you never know, the helper might be a lid !

Bob N5NJ

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