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[CQ-Contest] Major Changes to Field Day Rules

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Major Changes to Field Day Rules
From: kc5ajx@hotmail.com (Rick Bullon)
Date: Sat Mar 21 20:20:10 1998
 we are
>running just 1 hf station. Otherwise we will have to take the uhf/vhf
>station off the air, and knock out all the tech's and no-code's from 
>competition. I don't believe that is what ARRL has in mind.
>73 de KM0L Steve in KC, K0GQ class 1a MO
Steve this statment puzzles me. I'm a tech plus and I usally run 15 and 
80 meter SSB during field day. I also give up my position to non-hams 
during fiels day so they can try out operatingand to generate interest 
in the hobby.
  I don't understand why the rule changes would knock out the tech's and 
no-codes unless you refuse to let them take your place at the HF 
station. Then it is you not the rules knocking out the lower clas ops

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