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Subject: [CQ-Contest] WPX
From: nh7a@radiomaui.com (Al Crespo)
Date: Sun Apr 5 19:50:04 1998
    Reduce WPX to 24 hours. Great idea. I will work only 160-40 and get 6
point QSO points. I won't have to deal with those "lower type license"
people on the other bands.
    If you want 24 hours so the East Coast and West Coast can fight for top
of the hill, make this contest a domestic one. All those DX multipliers some
people take for granted will not bother for USA openings when they can have
better rate and can go to sleep instead.
    Just last week, there was a dramatic difference between Saturday and
Sunday in propagation. Picking one day to be on or not would have nothing to
do with operator skill, just luck. Somehow, contesting should be more then
just luck.
    IARU RadioSport stopped being a real contest when it shortened it's
hours to 24.
    Sounds like "Doctor DX" should make a comeback for those who complain
about 36 hour contests.
    Next topic  we will be hearing about will be  to shorten CQWW.
    As N6BT says, "keep the rate up."
                                                            Aloha, Al

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