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[CQ-Contest] Svar: Help--Broken Hofi coax Switch

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Svar: Help--Broken Hofi coax Switch
From: JEH@on.mobile.telia.se (Jan-Erik Holm)
Date: Wed Apr 8 09:48:20 1998
>Was surprised to attempt to switch antennas the other day,
>and  the  antennas didn't switch!!
>I have a couple Hofi HO2016 rotary coax switches:  they are
>single pole,  five throws.  The thru path is  now "stuck" to/at
>position 5,  and  refuses to change.  The large knob and shaft 
>turn,  the detent  feels as if it is operating just fine as the knob
>shaft turn,  but the signal path does  not change.  There are 
>two screws on the back of the circular case;  assumed I could
>remove them and re tighten a loose set screw or something
>inside the unit;  but  no luck,  the back refuses to come
>off,  even with the only two obvious screws removed.
>Then thought,  well remove the knob and perhaps it unscrews
>from the front.  Well the knob has two large set screws holding
>it on;  remove them,  and the knob will not leave the shaft!
>Thought perhaps the knob must unscrew from the shaft once
>the set screws are removed;  no luck that way either.
>Only option left seems to be to send the switch back to
>Germany,  but that seems a bit drastic from out here near
>mid-Pacific!  Maybe I'll just toss it and get another Alpha-
>Delta single pole four throw switch!
>Any ideas about repair of this switch out there?
>73,  Jim,  KH7M
>On the Garden Island of Kauai
Hmm, I did have no problem opening a non-motor driven HOFI
switch. Construction is basicly the same I guess (except 
no motor). Seems to me you must have missed something.

73 gl Jim SM2EKM

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