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[CQ-Contest] Re: DX & Contest Forums NOT @ Hara Arena

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: DX & Contest Forums NOT @ Hara Arena
From: W2CE@prodigy.net (W2CE)
Date: Mon Apr 13 12:25:39 1998
Garry NI6T wrote:
> I sent an irate letter to both those addresses. Fat lot of good it will
> do.


Writing and complaining does work. You will recall a few years ago when
I announced to the world that the Hamvention was cancelling the motel
buses all hell broke loose. The idea was so poorly received by everyone
that the Chairman resigned and alternatives were looked for. The
purchase a ticket for the weekend was one of my first suggestions to get
the buses back that first year.

The main problem is that few will follow your initiative and write also.
The idea being that enough others will write their same ideas.

I was told by Hamvention volunteers that the moving of the DX Forum and
Contest Forum was due to the need to replace the curtains that section
off Room #1. A message came the other day saying that I was sure
gullible at accepting excuse #1 and that it was more involved than that.
The message also said the Forums Chairman resigned (not confirmed) over
a dispute regarding the forums.

My own guess is that they wanted prime exhibit area. We'll see if the
space is used or if it is blocked off for next year. Even rows of chairs
for informal discussions.

I usually sit in the DX Forum for about an hour, yak with some friends
who schedule a meeting time outside the drapes and get back onto other
things. This year I think it will be harder to spot some people as I
will not leave Hara Arena for an hour or so to check out the forum.

I would expect many others to not want to dedicate the DX Forum time

In any case, please continue your complaints and encourage as many
others as possible to write also. Fill the Hamvention mailboxes. The
power of numbers does and has in the past worked before.

       73, Bob, W2CE


   Robert Reed, W2CE                        W2CE@prodigy.net
   1991 Route 37 West - Lot 109             W2CE@aol.com
   Toms River, New Jersey  08757


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