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[CQ-Contest] "listening 7026"

Subject: [CQ-Contest] "listening 7026"
From: scace@uu.net (Eric Scace)
Date: Tue Oct 27 01:15:50 1998
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   I operated at HZ1AB for WW Phone.  On Saturday and Sunday evening a
number of loud USA stations on 40m could have been worked easily.  Some

   KC1XX calling CQ, listening 7026.
   N2RM calling CQ, also listening 7026.
   W4MYA calling CQ, listening 7021.

   KC1XX answered my CQ later Sunday evening and got the HZ multiplier.  We
did not QSO with N2RM or W4MYA.  Probably N2RM and W4MYA did not work the HZ
multiplier (and maybe not even Zone 21) on 40m... although they could easily
have done so.  This is a specific example of a price paid for listening
outside of phone subband during a key opening.

   40m voice subband limits are not a regulatory requirement in Saudi Arabia
but are considered "good amateur practice" in that it reflects a general
consensus of the ham community.  The HZ1AB club adheres to these recommended
practices.  And, even if I was not at a club station, I am with the crowd
that follows the consensus of good practice applicable to the country I am
operating [within the limits of tired, sleepy operating errors & some very
embarrassing public gaffs due to ignorance!].)

-- Eric  R3/K3NA

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