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Subject: [CQ-Contest] 40m
From: nd3a@hawaii.rr.com (Rob Shapiro - ND3A)
Date: Thu Oct 29 06:00:07 1998
At 05:29 PM 10/28/98 -0500, Bill Coleman AA4LR wrote:
>On 10/21/98 5:04 PM, Mario i2mqp at ari@micronet.it wrote:
>>The problem of harminization of the 40 meters was in the agenda of last WARC
>>Conference, but has been not discussed and will be again in the agenda of
>>the next WARC Conference>.
>You know, the FCC could bypass a number of problems by permitting 
>continental US hams to operate SSB in some sub-segment of the 7.0-7.1 
>segment shared with the rest of the world. 
>US possessions are already permitted to do this. This would eliminate the 
>necessity to work split, although I can see where it would produce 
>unheard of levels of band crowding during contests....
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Actually, Pacific U.S. entities, including Alaska and Hawaii, can operate
7.075-7.100 SSB, which most hams around the world are unaware of, including
myself prior to my move to Hawaii last month.  KH7R 40m ops have to
constantly deal with this matter.  I'm not sure if 7.100-7.150 SSB
operation is permitted.

73, Rob
Rob Shapiro - ND3A/KH6
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