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[CQ-Contest] Real Old

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Real Old
From: headrick@radar.nrl.navy.mil (James Headrick)
Date: Thu Oct 29 20:38:52 1998
>>Any other ideas for suitable criteria?

How about if you remember wining your section and the West Gulf Division SS
with 64 Sections, 245 Q, and 45,978 points?  Number of contacts leader was
W6MVK with 469 and a  average rate of 12 per hour!  W6KFC had 386 contacts.
 This 1937 SS lasted two weekends.  Trivia question:  why such low QSO
numbers and rates?

All above because I got a 1930s QST CD ROM
Some others:  When the Germany px was just D,  Japan just J,  USSR just U.
Later when Saar was a DXCC country.  If you remember this sort of stuff you
are really over the hill.
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