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[CQ-Contest] Re: RATPak Switch Gift department

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: RATPak Switch Gift department
From: j.allen@yec.yk.ca (J.Allen)
Date: Mon Jun 5 13:49:42 2000
To all contesters,

I am sending this message individually to everyone that helped with the
antenna relay, but also to the reflector to let the whole radio community
know of the kindness which the these members of the amateur radio community
have again done for me.

I wish I could thank everyone by name, but I have only an e-mail address
list.  I  noticed that many of the names and calls are the same people that
have helped in the past.

Thank you for your kindness in sending the antenna relay, and special thanks
to Jay, WX0B for thinking this up.

I had originally requested only technical advice but your solution is
definitely more pragmatic, and less likely to fail than my attempt last year
has proven to be.

Last fall, I put up 58 feet of 8 inch guyed tower near my house for access
by a 200 foot piece of coax.  This spring, my wife decided that the guy
lines were a nuisance and the tower had to be moved.  Her wishes, compounded
by the noise from a 138 kV line close to the antenna and the need to fix the
relay problem, meant that the tower had to come down and be put up about 100
yards back from the house and away from the line noise.

I took the tower down this weekend and as soon as the relay arrives, I am
free to put it back up again.  I cleaned a transmitter site for CBC after
construction on the site and was given the tower sections and a quantity of
CATV 75 ohm hard line in the cleanup.  I intend to use the CATV cable from
the house to the base of the tower and to install 75/50 ohm baluns on each
end of the 75 ohm line.  I have been told that this makes an excellent
installation where a single coax line is run to the tower a distance from
the station.  I will be checking the balun book and sending out for the
cores and other balun parts this weekend, the tower and antennas can be put
up now and the baluns added later.

The relay which you have provided and which Jay has put special cold weather
design into, assures that I will be able to have a multiband operation from
that remote tower.

Again, Thanks.


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