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[CQ-Contest] Watch that main radio while SO2R...

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Watch that main radio while SO2R...
From: n0kk@pclink.com (n0kk Kirk)
Date: Mon Mar 5 19:25:49 2001
 >This same senario was played out Im sure many times by many of us.
Mine was on 15 also, found a freq. up about 3 kc from a carribeanne station
down about 3 from a W3.
My radios filters allowed me a satisfactory window to call CQ in. I was
going to be "fresh" for many as it was Saturday about 1730z and Id yet to
have the time to operate..I was pumped for some runs!

Asked 3 times if freq. was in use with VERY ample time allowed stations to
I start my CQ's work a couple..thinking Ill be on europe cluster and were

After about 4-5 minutes elapse the dx station from the carribeanne comes up
and cries.. FREQ IN USE!
I call cq knowing full well that Im far enough away, and am told "Dont act
like you cant hear me"!  I explain my stance and am told that due to his
running 350/hr. he doesnt have the time to inform me. "Gimme a break! Its
not his  "RIGHT"  to 6-8 kc of band width.

Its a phone contest..if ya cant stand the heat..get out of the kitchen!(or

With several years M/M experience, maybe I should have turned on the amp,
turned the beam from 30 deg. to 130 deg. and rolled up my sleeves...NO!

Not wanting to antagonize this fellow I turned the rig off.( yes, I could
have just moved but for some reason this really bugged me) .and went on to
other things. HARD for a contester to do!

But it was ever so clear to me how we take this stuff way to seriously, to
the point of ruining another participants enjoyment..worse yet, maybe Id
have been someone who is just trying the "game" out. He/She wouldnt come
back..theyll become one of those that detest contesters and contests.

My thoughts..2 cents..
Kirk n0kk

  On Sun, 04 March 2001, Doug Smith W9WI wrote:
 >  > Interesting incident during the ARRL Phone on 15m early this morning.
 >  >
 >  > Decided it was time to do some CQing.  Found a completely open
 >  > (nothing but band noise)  Asked whether it was in use.  Response: 2
 >  > of band noise.  Ask again.  Again, response: 2 seconds of band noise.
 >  >
 >  > Call CQ & begin running.  (unfortunately not at a very good rate<g>)
 >  > 5 minutes later, a W1 shows up & starts insisting it's his frequency.
 > This even happens to W2s. <g>

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