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[CQ-Contest] Casual contesting...

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Casual contesting...
From: ford@cmgate.com (Ford Peterson)
Date: Tue Mar 20 21:31:29 2001
I've received many comments to my notion that the results need to be

I falsely assumed the ARRL publishes scores.  They do, only to members--both
printed and on the web.  As an ARRL member, I have followed the scores and
studied current and prior contest scores closely.  I only enter ARRL, Stew
Perry, etc., because I can follow the scores on the web.

My criticism was of CQ.  They do publish--only to members and in printed
form only.  I am not a subscriber and don't intend to either enter a CQ
contest or subscribe.  Perhaps it's short sighted thinking on my part, but
CQ doesn't offer what I am looking for in a magazine (technical topics).

I understand the economics on the part of both associations when it comes to
contesting.  If you give important information away, it's out-of-the-barn
along with the money, which many respondents indicated is the reason (the
only reason I might add) that they subscribe to CQ.

The economic element brings to light an opportunity...

Perhaps contesters should form an association dedicated to the betterment of
contesting.  Make it a charity.  Elect judges and officers like every other
public entity.  Charge entrance fees or solicit industry purses, give worthy
awards for the effort--like any other sport.  No car, boat, or horse racer
would work as hard and spend as much as radio enthusiasts for simply a $0.38
sheet of paper or a $17 plaque given to the top ten spots--and then only 9
months after the race.

I am still of the belief that making the contest available to the masses
brings in more Qs, which renders the entrance fee option a poor choice.
Industry sponsored purses is the way to go.  Let's get Kenwood and Yaesu to
prove their stuff against ICOM, TenTec, etc. in the heat of battle.  What
about "STOCK" and "MODIFIED" classes like in other sports using commercially
produced equipment?

The bottom line, the casual contesters group will grow when their scores are
made available in lights--and to the masses--properly classed--and judged on
an even playing field--using rules determined and agreed to by the


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