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[CQ-Contest] I can feel the heat! Fwoosh!

Subject: [CQ-Contest] I can feel the heat! Fwoosh!
From: xrdave@optonline.net (Dave)
Date: Tue Mar 27 15:51:19 2001
 > the WPX SSB contest.  I've received email saying
 > everything from "prove it" to "keep your mouth shut"
 > and "who cares, anyway".  I did get one message from
 > someone who observed the same behavior I did, though.
 > QSL!
 > The ethics of the SSB contesting community have spoken
 > collectively, and the vast majority have said I should
 > shut my mouth and why do I care anyway?
 > I only care, 'cause I happen to like contesting.
 > I've got the message!  ....and I'll go back in my hole
 > and start operating only CW again, where at least some
 > ethical consideration is still in play (I hope).

     Scott and all,

     I think you have perhaps highlighted an issue,
and lost track of the opportunity all in the same
message. Let me add some input, and perhaps we can steer
this in a positive direction.

The sponsor of the contest states the rules.
Everyone reads and interprets the rules for themselves.
If the sponsor makes the determination that the rules
have been broken, the rulebreakers may be disqualified
by the sponsor.

Log checking by THE PROCESS .. the automated routines,
that are cross-checking our submitted logs, have
resulted in UBN's for all, and the ability of the
sponsor to manage this refereeing activity with
accuracy and benefit to all concerned.

     Real time referees are not an option for most
contests yet we recognize the need for them at WRTC,
Many of the rules are being broken, but we as the
operators are not the referees. ....  or could we be?

     Having watched contesting go from a #2 pencil, an
op aid 6 or similar, and a logsheet ... to Radio Shack
Model II level 1 basic programs, to CT/TR/NA to Writelog,
perhaps it is time to use our internet connectivity to
establish a network of referees. Sort of a
referee@econtest.com type of thing. They could take
real time observations, confirm them when possible
and act accordingly.

Had you been able to send a message there instead of to
the reflectors .... well I hope the concept comes across.

I had a similar experience of observing rulebraking in the
WPX SSB, but it was of a different nature.. and even though
I can prove it, there is no mechanism in place that needs
or has asked for my input..  but since this is the correct
forum I think....

I captured the entire telnet session of zone 12345 spots
from the AB5K cluster for the duration of the test
( with a 2 hour gap due to disconnect). As my wife N2YFH
and I were watching it scroll by from time to time, we
both noticed 1 callsign in particular.

When the test was over, I imported the spots into a database,
and did some casual analysis. There were two ways in which
I found self spotters.. one was to see how many times a given
spot originator spotted any given callsign. Several calls
jump out immediately. To those clever enough to change the
originator callsign in the spot, you got nailed by the uniques
distribution, or in English, hey.. you get spotted way too often,
and how come 50 % or more of the stations spotting you spotted
you and only you ??

      Dave  K2XR

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