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[CQ-Contest] KL7RA needs advice

Subject: [CQ-Contest] KL7RA needs advice
From: n3hxq@arrl.net (Ed Himwich N3HXQ)
Date: Thu Mar 29 21:41:31 2001
Since Rich started this thread from comments I sent to him, I thought I
should respond. Lots of people sent replies. Typically these fell into
three categories (I'm summarizing so I am purposely simplifying): (1)
the best ops will always be unassisted, (2) yes people cheat, but short
of referees (impossible except for WRC) we can't do anything about it,
and (3) just have fun. It is interesting that none of these responses
contradict each other.

I will never compete in the top 10, but I can still have fun. It does
seem to me that cheaters are diluting the categories though and while
that is unfortunate (it may actually impact a small gun like me more
than a big gun), it isn't the end of the world. It would be nice if the
rules of some of the contests could be a little clearer about things
like: does asking for a spot on the air make you assisted.

One thing I have realized reading the responses is that the competition
being fair isn't what it is about. If being fair were so important then
contesting would have died out long ago. Guys with small lots and/or
small wallets and/or bad locations are never going to compete globally,
but that doesn't mean doing the best you can and trying different stuff,
even if it is comparing G5RVs and inverted-Vs, isn't fun. We'll see,
when I've maxed out my lot (pretty soon now) my enthusiasm may take a
dive, but I don't think so. I will still be able to work on skill for
quite awhile and contests still seem exciting at my pitiful rate. That
being said it is just the more annoying that some people cheat, but I
guess for some people winning (or standings) is the motivating factor
instead of learning or having fun and some of those people aren't
bothered by cheating (but then asking "what have you actually won
when you cheat" probably doesn't impress them either).

73 and hope to see you on the air, Ed N3HXQ

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