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[CQ-Contest] Keyer

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Keyer
From: otterstad@enter.vg (ragnar otterstad)
Date: Wed May 23 19:39:48 2001

The hardest part of building the CMOS III keyer is finding memory buttons
with a really good 'feel', and I've found them, for about $1.50 each,
including switch caps. Contact me if you're interested.

If you're not a builder, then consider the LogiKey, which comes to you
pre-assembled for $130. This keyer runs on a single 9V battery, but I don't
have battery life info.

I agree that the switches used are less than perfect. Pay a little more and
get excellent tactility. Check out the MEC switches at SOLICO´s web-site.
MULTIMEC 3F series with caps of your choice is pretty close to perfection !


Ragnar Otterstad " RAG"  LA5HE Also JW5HE OZ8RO.

Located in Telemark - Home of Skiing.
Try http://www.visitTelemark.com

Collector of W.W.2 military radios with focus on German and Resistance
 agent) sets, and old crypto equipment - all periods. Always interested in
new acquisitions.

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