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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Keyer
From: dnorris@k7no.com (Dean Norris)
Date: Wed May 23 20:29:30 2001
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At 07:22 AM 5/23/2001, Tom Hammond NØSS wrote:

 >K0HB wrote:
 >>Thinking of replacing my old Heathkit SA-5010 uMatic
 >>keyer (the top is delaminating).
 >>    12V operation
 >>    Adjustable weighting
 >>    Adjustable spacing
 >>    Adjustable sidetone (volume and pitch)
 >>    Several memories (at least 5)
 >For my $$$, the ONLY keyer to have (and I've had MANY over the past 42+
 >years) is the CMOS Super Keyer III (LogiKey) from Idiom Press,
 >If you're a builder, the CMOS Super Keyer III is VERY(!) easy to build.
 >$58 ppd for all the components that mount on the PC board, and with a
 >little judicious searching, another $20 for the external (not PC board
 >mounted) components. This keyer will typically run 1-2 years(!) on three
 >internal AA cells.
 >The hardest part of building the CMOS III keyer is finding memory buttons
 >with a really good 'feel', and I've found them, for about $1.50 each,
 >including switch caps. Contact me if you're interested.
 >If you're not a builder, then consider the LogiKey, which comes to you
 >pre-assembled for $130. This keyer runs on a single 9V battery, but I
 >don't have battery life info.
 >As a contester/ragchewer I've found these keyers to provide ALL of the
 >features I want in a keyer... and I find them to be by far the 'smoothest'
 >sending keyers on the market today.
 >73 - Tom Hammond   N0SS

See an example of the LogicKeyer + Bencher at -


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