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[CQ-Contest] Another quick UPS question

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Another quick UPS question
From: w2up@mindspring.com (Barry )
Date: Sun Mar 10 01:35:57 2002
The batteries in a UPS are lead-acid, same as a car battery. They do 
wear out after a while. I have 4 UPSs between home and office. I've 
replaced batts in 2 of them, I'd say averaging 4-5 years of use.
One way to test it is pull the UPS's plug out of the wall. If the computer 
doesn't stay powered up, you need a new battery. Theoretically, 
something else could be wrong with the UPS, but it's very unlikely.
I bought my replacement batts on Ebay.
Barry W2UP

On 9 Mar 2002 Mark Beckwith wrote:

> All this UPS talk is making my head spin.  Sorry.  Simple question:  I have
> stupid blackouts which last about a second about twice a month because I
> have a stupid power company.  Complaining did not work.  I got a UPS - an
> APC ES350.  It worked for a year.  But now, when I get home and the alarm
> clock is flashing, the computer has rebooted and the answering machine is
> back to Mr. JA-san saying "please-leave; A MESSage."  Obviously the UPS has
> become an IPS.
> Do I have to replace the battery in the UPS?  Is this a common thing?  How
> do I know?  Internet source for these batteries?
> Sorry this is off-topic, but theoretically it could happen during a contest
> and I need to be prepared  :)
> Mark, N5OT
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