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[CQ-Contest] Is this the way to "teach" budding Contesters?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Is this the way to "teach" budding Contesters?
From: wd4ahz@gte.net (Ron Wetjen)
Date: Thu Jul 3 23:35:05 2003
Just reading over the ARRL's Contest Rate Sheet.

Ward, N0AX, writes a nice piece on Field Day, BUT ....

"... a young voice burst through the 2-meter rig's squelch calling,
"CQ Field Day" on 146.52. I was only too happy to put the connector
down and called him back. The contact was a little stiff, with some 
coaching audible in the background."

The Field Day rules clearly state ...

"9.3. Remember that the national simplex FM calling frequency of 146.52
MHz should not be used for making Field Day contacts."

This potential contesters introduction into contesting, and he's 
"coached" into breaking the rules!  Nice way to set an example.

Yeah, some will say "lighten up" ... but rules are rules ... they apply 
to everyone all the time ... not just when folk feel like following them.

73, Ron

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