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From: w9sz@prairienet.org (Zack Widup)
Date: Wed Jul 9 09:49:48 2003
On Mon, 7 Jul 2003, n6tj wrote:

> Or maybe it was just better, uh radio, operating on their part?  I sure as
> hope hell we're NOT, repeat NOT, evolving to "who is the best computer
> operator"!  Do YOU think this is what radio contesting should be, Mario?
> Hey, for WRTC 2006, we can all stay home, and fireup our computers and
> conduct the competition on-line.  Oh boy, I can hardly wait for that one.
> Jim  N6TJ

The new and fancy tools a contester has at his disposal are a lot of fun
and some enhance contesting quite a bit.  But if I were to have to give up
some of them, I'd propbably do it in this order:

1) Packetcluster.  Heck, I hardly ever use it in a contest anyway.  I
think the only times I have were when I was part of a big M/S or M/M
operation.  Mostly it's a nuisance (I didn't say "entirely", just
"mostly") to me.

2) Computer logging.  I could log on paper and keep paper dupe sheets.  I
did so for decades.  It just slows things down.  I still prefer sending CW
with a keyer over what the computer generates.  I have a bug around here
somewhere; maybe I'll use that in a contest again one of these days.

3) The newer rigs.  Actually, I'd find that one very hard, if not
impossible, to give up. Johnson Vikings, Hammarlund receivers, etc. did OK
but the new technology has really shone, especially in the way of
receivers. I'll keep my rig! 

Jim, you have been one of my contesting idols.  I'm a young whippersnapper
at only 36 years licensed, but I've worked you many times in those 36

73, Zack W9SZ

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