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Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 10:48:09 -0500 (GMT-05:00)
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I was going to write a long response to this but all of my opinions have 
already been vioced.  I most agree with Ken, WM5R's post.  The ARRL and CQ have 
already established 17M as Contest free.  You have the whole band contest free, 

I too started CQing on 14.302.  I asked twice if the frequency was in use with 
my 4/4 stack point to EU.  It was about 14Z I believe.  About 20 mins later, a 
fairly loud US station asked if I would QSY because of the net.  I also moved 
although I personally believe that no one, I mean NO ONE, should have a 4 - 6kc 
wide zone, interference free, expectation.  If you are even "hoping" for it, 
you shouldn't be on 20M during the low part of the sunspot cycle.  Get on 17M 
but still don't expect that you own the frequency.  If you want to do that, 
petition the FCC for a rule change, like any other citizen's right to do.  And 
then petition the IARU, and hope for the best.

I applaud and the support the work that this group of amateurs do for the 
mariners and the amateur community.  But when you have evolved into a group 
that expects every one to part the waters (pun intended) when you guys "fire 
up" on "your frequency" at 1100Z, you have crossed the line and will not, 
INMHO, receive the support of the general ham community, the contest sponsors, 
the worldwide amateur community, or the FCC.

One last point that I encourage you to consider.  The 3830 group has met right 
after a contest for as long as the maritime group, maybe longer.  It is not 
uncommon to find a QSO going on at 0005Z.  What do we do? Ask everyone to QSY 
for our established "NET" that has been going on for years? No, we QSY, up or 
down, by 5 - 7 kcs to a clear frequency to "pass our traffic".  Don't believe 
it, check it out for yourself.  About 50% of the time, it is not exactly on 

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