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Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 08:39:05 -0500 (GMT-05:00)
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Since it is quite obvious from these posts and logical for anyone who has 
contested on 20M SSB, there is a very high probability that someone is on 
14.300 Running EU or US at 1100Z when the MM nets starts.  I wonder if someone 
from the Net or someone who listens to the net could comment if they have ever 
heard the net operating on any frequency other than 14.300.  Evidence that the 
net sometime operates  +/- QRM (as required by FCC rules) would show that that 
the comments being given here are not entirely accurate.  That the group 
actually does mutually respect other amateurs, doesn't own the frequency, and 
isn't in violation of the FCC Rules regarding intential interference.

I would welcome such dialog to be added here.  Right now, the impression is 
that whatever is heard on 14.300 at 1100Z, these boys crank up the amps and 
started broadcasting.  Then after that, the frequency police spend the next 12 
hours clearing a snow plow sized hole in the 20M phone band so that a bunch of 
70 something yearold retired hams using no filters and 20 feet of wire don't 
have to put headphones on to listen and maybe screw up their tan line.  I 
certainly hope this isn't the case.

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