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Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 10:04:54 -0400
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   I doubt it very much the facilities at Hara would ever be updated.  You can 
compare Hara to that old
run down arena that just about every big city has. It's the place where the 
heavy metal concerts, gun shows,  small computer shows and minor league 
hockey/basketball events are held mainly because it's a lot cheaper then the 
"new" arena'/convention centers in town.  The neighborhood around the arena has 
improved over the years while really nothing has changed at Hara. (remember you 
used to be able to park for free where the golf course is now)  I bet the 
neighbors would wish Hara would just go away....

  I don't know about the economics about putting together the Hamvention, but 
there are much nicer venues in Dayton such as the UD Arena , downtown 
convention center and the Nutter Center at Wright State. If you go to Columbus, 
Ohio, there is the Ohio State Fairgrounds, which are "very" nice. I heard  
rumor a couple years ago that they were palnning on moving there.. which would 
of been cool..

It's too bad the DARA continues to hold the Hamvention at Hara because it's 
basically a "dump".
Look at the flea market now... they let just about anyone in now and much of 
the "junk" isn't even ham radio related. It's very disappointing. Mendelson's 
didn't even have a tent this year, which has to be a first...

  We all hear the complaints every year after the Hamvention.  I'm sure the out 
of towners perception of Dayton is negatively affected as well.  Too bad 
becuase the Dayton area is much nicer then what most hams see on their trip 
from the arena to the downtown hotels...

Jeff KU8E

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