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Re: [CQ-Contest] 40M "Woodpecker"

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] 40M "Woodpecker"
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 21:49:58 -0000
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Hi Bob: Once again, as you know, I often do, I didn't explain myself. The new 
OTHR system is owned by the Australian Gov't. They have freely admitted it and 
until recently had a paper on OTHR on the i'net, it's gone now. The equipment 
is not on mainland Australia. Their 'supposedly' testing on a 'limited' basis. 
My personal belief(guess), somewhat educated, is they are not using it for 
Radar but are using it for, some type, of  communications. I've worked several 
VK's who say the signal is a lot stronger there than it is here.  I've listened 
to it many times and I noticed the repetition rate is faster than the old 
woodpecker and more constant, which sort-of indicates a data stream rather than 
just pulses. This has been going on now for several months and is no longer a 

This is a quote from ZL2BR: "" low-side of the weekend, was the OTHR QRM 
problem on 40m, (which lost me a lot of contacts), which over the past few 
months is increasing to real annoying
levels on 40m and 80m, due I believe in part to the commissioning of a new OTHR
system in Australia. In the evenings the OTHR signals are S8/9 on 6990-7070kHz
here. ""

MAL              N7MAL

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  Hi  Bob,

  I've heard it's friendly fire.  Our friends the Australians  have a new toy, 
  Over the Horizon Radar.  I read this on one of the other  reflectors in a 
  message from an Aussie.  I don't recall which reflector  or which Aussie.

  Maybe we have a chance of stopping this one with  compliant through the 
  proper channels.

  73 Art  W2NRA

  Hi Art.....Not peaking anywhere near direct path VK here. VK  is 240-270 from 
  here in AZ. The signal is definitely, and  repeatably peaking 290-320 
  (JA/BY/DS/HL etc). Didnt show a different peak for  the 5 hrs I listened. I 
  planning on 400+ JA's this weekend on 40m, AA  Contest. Now, who knows. ;-)  

  73, Bob  K8IA
  nr The Superstition Mtns
  Arizona, USA

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